Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hormone Treatments Containing Peanut Oil

Hormone treatments for menopausal and trans* people can contain peanut oil. A common medication for Female to Male (FTM) people is Sustanon.

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On line drug stores have increased, these drug stores usually do not have access to medical records and often don't ask about allergies, in fairness some do. Some online businesses specialize in hormone medications for trans* people. Often these are used by people who are denied hormone treatments, by family or doctors. In some cases trans* young people resort to buying hormones secretly on line due to unsupportive parents.

As more nut allergic people become old enough to make decisions about how they express their gender, they might also seek treatments for their gender identity including hormones. These people need to be aware of hormone treatments that contain peanut oil, as well as menopausal women who may also want to have hormone treatments.

I am not as concerned about trans* people who receive treatments from doctors who specialize in transgender treatments, as they tend to be aware of this issue, and can recommend nut free treatments. Most doctors are not aware of how many medications contain nuts (or other allergens). People who go to a pharmacist at a pharmacy, are more likely to ask questions. The pharmacist should be willing to contact manufacturer on your behalf. Some of these hormonal medications (that contain nuts) are marketed for menopausal women such as Prometrium, Progynon Depot and Sustanon.

I am not aware of any trans* people who have had reactions from injecting peanut oil into themselves, but I wonder how public a trans* person would want to be, about their reaction, or how they came into contact with peanut oil. UPDATRE I read about a young person online who has a reaction after making this post.

Many drugs contain allergens, almost all medications contain corn, here are some drugs that contain nuts, sesame oil and coconuts.

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